• Lockdown hair? How to manage Summer hair when you can’t get to the hairdresser.

    Turns out it’s been harder to get a salon appointment than… buying loo roll in March. Seekology’s founder Rebecca can’t get in to see her stylist until 1st August, and we’re all still seeing a lot of “lockdown hair” on zoom calls. We spoke to hairdresser extraordinaire Diane Bowe from Bowe Organics who helped us out

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  • 10 ways to support small brands this Independents' Day

    In the US it's Independence Day... well in the UK we have Independents' Day today. Very timely given the re-opening of so many critical parts of the economy that include a large number of independent businesses. I’ve long been a champion of smaller brands. The challengers. The innovators. The und... View Post
  • Inspiration? Advice? Education? How we’re recreating the Seekology in-store experience online

    Seekology’s founder, Rebecca, describes how a new offering is going to help customers get friendly, impartial advice and discover new brands – just like they did in the Seekology store. You may already know that it was with a heavy heart that I decided it wasn’t the right time for Seekology to op... View Post
  • Meet The Makers: Sam & Patrick from Saltee

    Saltee provides luxury suncare for your next travel adventure. Whether you're seaside or slope-side, opt for sun cream that is responsibly sourced and both looks and feels good. View Post
  • What are the best anti-aging skincare products? Our expert Amelia answers all your questions.

    We sat down with Seekology’s resident skincare expert, Amelia Manning, who has over 20 years’ experience in the industry with the likes of Dermalogica, Elemis, La Mer and Sisley, to talk about how our skincare needs change as we grow older. Amelia has not only got extensive professional beauty experience ranging from delivering facials to A list clients, she has also trained therapists in 5 star spas and even worked at the BAFTAS ad London Fashion Week. Like all of us at Seekology, Amelia is keen to simplify and minimise the confusion in the saturated skincare market. View Post
  • Why we're not opening another Seekology store (yet)

    Seekology's Founder, Rebecca, explains why you won't see another Seekology store just yet - but that you will in the future... View Post