5 top tips for Autumn

Seekology's Founder Rebecca shares her top tips for the transition to Autumn here:

There's a chill in the air, everyone has just got back from holiday (or staycation) and as I type I can see children wearing their school uniforms again: Autumn is here.

It's a time for reflection and new beginnings for everyone, and more so than ever this year. Here are my 5 top tips for the transition we're all making at the moment:

1. New term = new stationery

This was one of my favourite things about going back to school, and I still love new stationery. At Seekology we love stationery that helps with wellbeing - goal setting, motivation or simply a beautiful notebook to help with organisation. My favourite is this guided journal by Note & Shine

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2. Nourish your skin

As the seasons change, so do our skincare needs. From preferring lighter options in Summer - especially those that can help with a matte finish - I love to use nourishing options such as balm cleansers, body oils and facial oils at this time of year. Ebo Beauty's natural oils are perfect as they are designed specifically for the changing of the seasons - it's time to move over to the Autumn one now, which contains sweet almond, avocado, carrot oils and many more. 

3. Don't forget the suncream

It's very easy to forget on a cloudy Autumn day, but it's still possible to get burnt and to damage your skin. We recommend continuing to wear suncream, at least on your face, if you are going to be outside for any period of time. Your skin will thank you for it in 10 years' time! Try Saltee, made in the UK and kind to coral reefs, for a guilt-free option. 

4. Create a cosy space

Candles are perfect for creating a lovely ambience as the evenings start to draw in. I love the unusual fragrance of the Northcote soy wax candle - a woody fragrance containing sandalwood and spicy notes, in a sophisticated black vessel. 

5. Snuggle up 

On a wet Autumn evening there's nothing nicer than coming home (or these days, moving from your home office to another part of the house) and putting on your pyjamas. We love these soft cotton ones, available in three colours. 

So those are my top tips - I hope you enjoyed them and that you have a relaxing and happy Autumn!