Reviews by Harriet MacMasters-Green

At Seekology we love sustainable beauty and natural & organic products, and so does our dear friend Harriet MacMasters-Green. Harriet is a talented actress, yoga teacher and mother, and she recently founded her own self care space, the Intuitive Soul Sanctuary, which focuses on wellbeing, yoga and mindfulness. She shares our passion for natural and organic beauty and of course yoga! We’re so happy to have Harriet be part of the Seekology family. She gave us some insight and tested some of our favourite products - here’s what she had to say: 

I am Enough Vegan Soy Wax Candle by Love Up

Love Up is one of the newest brands at Seekology, and we love their focus on self-love and affirmations. Founder Carla started Love Up with a range of products designed to be your beautiful everyday reminder, to encourage you to speak kindly to yourself, about yourself and inspire you to take a moment and create you own I AM affirmation rituals. 

Here’s what Harriet has to say about the Love Up “I Am Enough” Affirmation Candle

“Even whilst unwrapping this beautiful candle, the scent of warm vanilla and jasmine poured out of the wrapper folds. The affirmation card ‘ I am enough’ serves as a kind reminder to be forgiving to yourself and if that’s not enough, it’s embedded on the candle face!  I cannot stop inhaling the scent and even now it is right by my side. Even when unlit, it smells incredible and provides the most comforting gesture at the centre of the dinner table when my family are together. This is a gift to the self for the self and you will just want more and more!”

Shop the Love Up range here. 


Wonder Cleanser by Elan

This silky natural, toxin free and vegan cleanser is hand-crafted with the finest botanical actives, using novel skin-loving ingredients, to effortlessly lift off makeup and daily impurities to reveal clean, healthy, and glowing skin. It has no fragrance, no essential oils, no alcohol, or any potentially harsh to skin ingredients that in a long term disrupt the skin barrier.

Harriet says: "This oil lives up to its name! Both in scent and texture.  I have never found cleansing my skin to be a consciously slow, soothing experience. Now, however, this has changed. This is so gentle, yet it removes any make up with ease. My face feels smooth and soft afterwards and I don’t experience the tight discomfort that I have always experienced in the past. Highly recommend to enjoy this as a self care ritual and not to rush it, your face and your mind will thank you for the time you take."

Check out Harriet's video tutorial below:  


Handmade Beauty Nail Polish

From vegan, non-toxic nail polishes to nail care treatments, Handmade Beauty nail polishes have been developed without toxic substances, using alternative ingredients that maintain healthy nails. All packaging is sustainable and all products are cruelty free. 

Harriet is raving about the beautiful coconut colour nail polish by Handmade Beauty - here's what she has to say: “I absolutely love everything about this brand, from the eclectic colours to the ethos behind the making of it. It is non toxic and feels like a pioneer for natural vegan beauty. I tried the ‘coconut’ colour and the application was easy with beautiful results. It feels like you have sunshine on the ends of your fingers and for someone who doesn’t normally make time for her nails, this felt like much needed self care.” 

Micro Moments Event 

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Thanks for reading - we hope you enjoyed our Blog post and we’re looking forward to seeing you at our online event on Wednesday!

Rebecca and the Seekology Team