Seekology: The Curated Place to Shop Independent Beauty and Wellbeing Brands

When I was the John Lewis beauty buyer I was inundated by requests from small brands to sell with us, but for various reasons it's often hard for small brands and big retailers to work together.

In any case, I wanted to create an experience for people to shop only from small brands and have the opportunity to support entrepreneurs, and every time they make a purchase whilst ensuring that they are still choosing beautiful stylish and effective products.


Set the idea for Seekology being born way back at the beginning of 2019. Launching with our first shop in November of that year, we have now worked with well over 100 independent brands - many of which have never even been in retail before. Seekology provides a service to brands who want to test out their products in physical shops, as well as an amazing and inspiring customer experience.


I often get asked how I curate the set of brands that we work with. Here are the answers to the FAQs that I regularly hear:


What are you looking for in a brand?

I am looking for fantastic products that I think will excite Seekology's customers. We pride ourselves on being affordable luxury and any new brand has to complement our existing portfolio, rather than being similar to something we already sell.

I'm always out looking for committed and passionate brand founders who have a vision and really want to take their brand to the next level. At Seekology we support brands getting into retail, but we are so much more than that; we have a thriving brand community and run regular events on everything from fundraising to the future of retail.

Finally, the products have to be fantastic - I wouldn't work with a brand if I didn't feel that I would be happy to eulogise about the products to our customers in store and online.


Does a brand have to be ready to sell into retail to work with Seekology?

We recognise that sometimes there are things that can be a little bit daunting for a first time founder, particularly when it comes to logistics and pricing and we are here to help you with these questions. We do need you to have products that are ready to sell to consumers - that have been through the requisite testing and are high quality - as well as great photography. 

What's really exciting is that we have now become part of the beauty retail ecosystem. Many of the brands that started in retail with Seekology are now stocked elsewhere. I see this not as competition, but as great validation that the curation and support that we give our brands is working.


How should a brand approach you?

Please do fill in the form on our website if you're interested in selling with Seekology. There's also nothing like a personal recommendation - if you know one of the existing brands that we work with then feel free to ask for an introduction, and you are more than welcome to drop in to a pop up shop at any point to meet me or one of the team. We love samples, and they definitely help make your products more memorable as with any retail buying relationship. Sometimes we can move quickly but at other times it does take us a while to respond to people, and that's because as a start up we are a very small team. When we are running a pop up shop it's often all hands on deck selling to our customers, but we do keep and save all the emails we receive so that if your products do fit the bill we may well be in touch with you when we are next seeking out new brands to join us.


I hope that has helped answer some of your questions and dispelled some of the myths around Seekology. We have created such a beautiful set of independent brands and I love sharing them with you. Take a look at our best Christmas gifts if you are in need of some inspiration.