Meet wellbeing entrepreneur Samantha Trinder

Samantha Trinder is the founder of bhuti, the luxury wellbeing escape where the Seekology store is situated, and a co-owner of The Bingham Riverhouse, a beautiful boutique hotel in Richmond. Not to mention being a yoga instructor and mother, she’s certainly keeping busy at the moment!

We caught up with Samantha – in a socially distanced way – to find out her top tips for wellbeing and her favourite products at Seekology.

What have you been doing so far in lockdown 3?

As the weather isn’t so good, I have been doing more online courses. I’ve been a bit resistant to him in the past but I recently did a five day challenge with Tony Robbins, which was life changing at a time when it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the collective fear. He gives a very uplifting message – not about putting your head in the sand – but acknowledging problems and difficulties as opportunities for growth.

Also I’ve been just taking time to hibernate – I have been sleeping a lot more. I also find time for a bath is my quickest fix for stress relief and so I’ve been indulging in that when I can.

It's tough running a business right now, especially if it's been on the roller coaster of opening and closing through the last 10 months. What tips do you have for other entrepreneurs at the moment? 

Think about what your customers need right now and try to keep in touch with them. Although bhuti is a bricks and mortar business, we have been able to move some of our classes and workshops online and we continue to reach out to our members through regular newsletters. It’s less about sales and more about supporting our members through challenging times.

Practically there is access to grants and different forms of funding, which are worth investigating. Connecting with other business owners - for example I’m in a whatsapp group with other London yoga studio owners - is a massive support to share experiences and learnings during this time.

How do you ensure you look after your own wellbeing? 

Physical exercise is my number one – I try and do something every day, either yoga, weights, hill sprints (up Richmond Hill), power walking. Something to raise the heart rate, even if it’s only 15 minutes.

Meditation: this can sound a bit unattainable, but just sitting for a few minutes with my eyes closed helps me to ground and centre when it’s easy to get worried about things to do and the future.

Trying to eat and drink healthily; I find sugar and alcohol very tempting but do indulge, but try to keep that to a minimum because I know in the long run they do affect my mood, energy and focus.

What are you most looking forward to once things go back to normal? 

Being in groups of people – I think we all have realised how important it is to socialise and be with family and friends, and be able to hug. I’m looking forward to being able to teach group classes in person again, and even just having all our team together in a room.  

What are your favourite products from Seekology? 

I was given these beautiful blue and white pyjamas by Koisi as a Christmas gift and I’ve been wearing them all the time. They are really comfortable but elegant and stylish as well (I don’t feel like a slob when I’m wearing them!)

As I have mixed Afro curly hair, my hair easily breaks so the skinny scrunchies by Silk Works London are game changers for hair ties, and they look great on my wrist too.

I love the nail polish by Handmade Beauty as it’s got less of the nasties, great colours like this Tangerine colour [note – also Seekology founder Rebecca’s favourite] and is really long lasting.

I really love candles and these bust candles by Interlude are like a work of art, and I love the fragrance.  

Thank you Samantha for chatting to us. We’re looking forward to the good times when bhuti, The Bingham Riverhouse and Seekology are all open again!