The best products to help you get a good night's sleep

“It's now clear that a solid night's sleep is essential for a long and healthy life” says the NHS. Getting enough sleep can boost immunity, help you stay slim, boost mental wellbeing and even increase your sex drive!

So why is it that one in three of us is still struggling to get enough sleep? Well, of course, stress levels are high at the moment, and sometimes it’s hard to find time to wind down in the evenings. We spoke to some of the founders of brands we sell at Seekology to discuss their thoughts on sleep.

Marishka, founder of Life Armour, says that “getting into a good routine can often help. Simple steps like staying away from devices an hour before bed and not allowing phones in the bedroom. Exposing yourself to daylight first thing can help increase cortisol which gives us energy to start our day and helps to optimise our circadian rhythm.”

Seekology Founder Rebecca swears by Life Armour’s Drops of Slumber.

Marishka says: “Drops of slumber+ is our best seller as it really works to help people switch off and drift off. The response has been amazing, helping people who have had broken nights sleep for years or those who are suffering from sleep deprivation going through peri-menopause. To wake up well rested is essential to feeling good.”

We also recommend getting some great bedding to help with temperature regulation and comfort, such as this luxury set from Koisi London. If you’re on more of a budget, just some pillowcases will be a great start.

Supriya, founder of Koisi London, says “bamboo has a silky, cotton-like texture, that is hard wearing yet gentle enough even for infants. Changes in body temperature are the most common reason for a poor night’s sleep; affecting both men and women who suffer from night sweats and a rise or drop in their body temperature throughout the night, as well as pregnant and menopausal women.  

“Creating bed sheets which assisted the body’s thermoregulation seemed the most obvious solution to getting a good night’s sleep. Bamboo is naturally breathable and works with your body temperature, so your skin breathes while you are sleeping and you are not left feeling sweaty or too hot or cold throughout the night.

What’s more, the fabric is naturally anti-bacterial; so fabulous for your hair and skin.”

Our third tip is to use an eye mask to block out the light whilst you’re sleeping. Laura, co-founder of Silk Works London, says “Our eye masks are made from 100% mulberry silk which is extra gentle to the delicate skin around your eyes."

Laura continues "Silk is less absorbent than cotton so will ensure your eye creams stay where they should. The smooth silk fibres naturally hydrate your skin making your complexion appear more youthful in the morning, and silk is also naturally hypoallergenic so the perfect choice for allergy prone and sensitive skin.” 

So there you have the top products at Seekology for a good night’s sleep – don’t forget to check out our full sleep collection to find more ideas.