10 of the best beauty + wellbeing gifts

Seekology’s Founder Rebecca writes:

We know that lots of customers at Seekology love shopping for gifts. Rather than buying the same old stuff, what is more thoughtful than choosing something that your recipient has never seen before?

Here are 10 of my favourite gift ideas at Seekology, although of course there are many, many more… if you want to go straight to our curated selections, try our Best Gifts for Him or Best Gifts for Her collections.

For women:

1. Pink Peony & Blush Marble Candle by Avenue Richmond

I’m hoping for this wax and a beautiful marble holder this year. This luxury candle smells incredible thanks to its high essential oil content. Hand poured in Richmond, the marble holder is beautiful and I’ll use it to store my make up brushes once the candle is finished.

2. Pink Pepper & Green Mandarin Body Wash & Lotion Set by Jenny Betts London

This delightful fragrance by Jenny Betts London is fresh and uplifting – the perfect bath and body set to use every morning as a pick me up (there’s a matching bath oil and candle too).

3. Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask by Soak Box

This is a firm favourite of mine – I like to use it whilst I’m soaking in the bath. The formulation has recently been adapted to include additional hyaluronic acid which pumps and firms the skin’s texture.

4. Silk Pillow Case and Eye Mask Set by Silk Works London

Gentle on skin and hair alike, these luxury pillowcases feel soothing. I’m hoping for the set that includes the eye mask too, to help me get a great night's sleep.

5. Sleep Well Gift Box by Seekology

This ready-wrapped gift box (with free delivery) contains some of our best sellers and is perfect to help you get a great night’s sleep. Spend the evening reading a book by the light of Interlude’s soy wax essential oil candle, then get into bed with a touch of this Sleep Balm on your pulse points, with the luxurious Silk Works eye mask keeping out the light whilst being gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes.

For men:

6. Drops of Slumber by Life Armour

This has really transformed my ability to fall asleep quickly – just a drop or two before bed and I’m out like a light. Plus, it’s all-natural and alcohol free.

7. Cuban Tobacco & Oak Soy Wax Candle by Interlude Candles

With a moody, sophisticated and dark scent featuring notes of incense and musk, Interlude’s luxury soy wax candles are made with a cotton wick and natural essential oils for a clean, long lasting burn and fragrance. I have one in almost every room!

8. Amethyst & Dead Sea Bath Soak by Palm of Feronia

With soothing essential oils as well as Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt, this bath soak is great to relieve aching muscles at the end of a long day.

9. Beauty & The Beast Facial Oil by Rosalena Skincare

I’m reliably informed this is a favourite with a number of celebrities, so if you buy this for the man in your life, he’ll be in good company! It leaves skin glowing, hydrated and protected but doesn't leave any of the dreaded shine, which is why it’s such a favourite with make up artists.

10. Men’s Bestsellers Gift Box by Seekology

I’ve specially curated this gift box for men based on our most popular products in the Seekology store. Featuring a natural beard oil (show me the man who hasn’t experimented with a bit of facial hair in the time of Corona!), the fantastic solid shampoo bar by Kind2 - super easy to use and good for the environment - plus the ever popular naked bust candle by Interlude made from soy wax and essential oils. This gift arrives ready gift wrapped and packaged, with free delivery, perfect for making you look extra thoughtful.

There you have it; I hope you enjoyed my top 10 gift recommendations! Of course, if you need more help, feel free to book in for a free gifting consultation with me via zoom so I can give you more personalised suggestions for the perfect gift.