Why Seekology is not doing Black Friday this year

As a customer, I love a bargain, and so I don’t blame anyone who is shopping around or buying from the big retailers when they offer phenomenal deals on Black Friday (or Black Week as it should now be called). I’ll probably be doing it myself on certain practical items that I need.

As an aside – did you know many big retailers actually buy in products specially for Black Friday, to be able to discount it heavily? So you might not always be getting the great bargain you think you are…

I digress. As a business owner, deciding whether to participate in Black Friday is a really tough call. Seekology is a tiny retailer, supporting tiny businesses. We don’t have big marketing budgets (or big *any* budgets for that matter). We’re just at the start of our entrepreneurial journey, and so are the brands we work with. I’d love to be able to offer punchy discounts on the products we sell, but that doesn’t work commercially for us or the brands that we feature.

What we can offer to you, our customers, is a carefully curated set of unique gifts, which will surprise and delight your family and friends on Christmas day.

Consider one of our candles (and you can see my favourites in my recent blog here). Every single one of these candles is designed by an individual, who has carefully blended high-quality essential oils into a unique fragrance. With no nasties in these candles, they might cost a little more than the factory-made equivalents, but they also won’t pollute your home. They are then hand-poured, check and finished with love before being sent to you.

Behind every brand we sell at Seekology is an inspirational founder and an example of one such brand is No Secrets Beauty. Founded by Lorna in 2018 when she was searching for natural beauty products that still felt luxurious. Each No Secrets product is carefully formulated using the maximum strength essential oils, and I love their body jelly which melts into a delicious body oil when it meets the skin. No Secrets has recently won several Free From Skincare awards, including being the overall winner of Best Gift of 2020 for this Home Spa Gift Set, which features a mood setting soy votive, and their unusual bath jelly as well as the thoroughly indulgent body jelly. 

A number of brands we feature at Seekology also have corporate social responsibility built into their business models. For example, 10% from Zola Eve’s sales are given to charities supporting women around the world in challenging circumstances, and every time you buy a luxury yoga mat from Fable Yoga a tree gets planted. So you can feel even better when spending money with these small businesses.

I’d urge you all to buy unique and unusual gifts this year – the gifts that will make recipients stop in their tracks and remark on how thoughtful you’ve been – and shop small.

Shop my favourite Christmas gifts at Seekology here.