5 of the best candles this Christmas

It seems to be getting dark mid afternoon, and since we can't really go out and about in the evenings right now, what better than cosying up at home with a lovely winter candle?

At Seekology, we get a lot of questions about what's in the candles that we sell, with many customers specifically looking for soy wax. Did you know that many mass-produced candles are made with paraffin (a petroleum derivative)? Do you really want to be burning that in your home - and inhaling its fumes? So soy wax it is for every single candle that we sell at Seekology. Check out all of our natural candles here

We also get a lot of questions about candle wicks - did you know many candle wicks have a metal (often lead) coating? Is that also something you really want to be inhaling in your own home? Look for a cotton wick, to ensure you are minimising any risks.

After these two critical factors, candle choice really comes down to fragrance and aesthetics. Again, many cheap, mass-produced candles will be using synthetic fragrances - and often not disclosing what goes into them.



1. Wellbeing Collection by Elm Rd

Most of the brands we stock at Seekology use natural essential oils and we love this range by Elm Rd, where each candle has a carefully blended mix of oils. These candles are hand poured by founder Miguel at his studio in Kent and both look and smell incredible. The candle-making kit is on my own Christmas list. 




2. Bust candles by Interlude

People are increasingly choosing candles based on their aesthetics, wanting products that fit in with their home and lifestyle. If you need something truly unusual, the bust candles by Interlude are a must-buy present this year.

Choose from the David bust or the Venus bust; these naked figure candles are unique and will bring a smile to any recipient's face. Look how beautiful they are when they burn - although many of our customers are reporting that they are too beautiful to burn, choosing to keep them as a mini sculpture instead (even if you're keeping yours as an ornament, the essential oils in these blends are so strong you can still smell their wonderful fragrances without burning the candles).



3. Velvet Peony & Oud by Interlude

We are also finding that unusual fragrance options are popular this year. One of our bestsellers in our store was the sophisticated Velvet Peony and Oud by Interlude.


4. Intimacy Candle by Elm Rd

I also love the notes of ylang ylang, frankincense and neroli in Elm Rd's Intimacy candle. Do email us if you have any questions about a candle's smell before you purchase!


5. Fireside Two Wick Candle by Jenny Betts London

And finally it wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas candle, would it?! Try Jenny Betts London Fireside for a hints of eucalyptus along with warming spices. In a beautiful mirrored class, it looks fabulous as part of a table centrepiece or simply on the mantelpiece.



I hope you enjoyed learning about my top 5 winter candles - now go and get cosy!

 - Rebecca Saunders, Founder