What are the best anti-aging skincare products? Our expert Mimi answers all your questions.

We sat down with Seekology’s resident skincare expert, Mimi, who has over 20 years’ experience in the industry with the likes of Dermalogica, Elemis, La Mer and Sisley, to talk about how our skincare needs change as we grow older. 

Mimi has not only got extensive professional beauty experience ranging from delivering facials to A list clients, she has also trained therapists in 5 star spas and even worked at the BAFTAS and London Fashion Week. Like all of us at Seekology, Mimi is keen to simplify and minimise the confusion in the saturated skincare market.

Mimi, why are you interested in anti-aging skincare?

There are so many products available, making many promises, that it can be overwhelming. As a consumer it is easy to be tricked into wasting lots of money by buying products based on “buzz words”. Also - admittedly - vanity plays a big part because I am totally skincare obsessed. At 42, I am desperate to slow down the hands of time!

What is anti-aging skincare, and does it actually work?

No matter how old you, are you might think an “anti-aging skincare routine” sounds like something not relevant to you. But the truth is, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer you will reap the rewards of the hard work, the twice daily routine and of course the financial investment needed to produce results.

What products do you use yourself?

In the last six months I have moved over to an entirely vegan anti-aging skincare routine; I do not use any products that are tested on animals, contain animal derived ingredients or animal fats used as bulking agents. I have recommended some of Seekology’s best offerings here that I use myself, although if you’d like more personal recommendations please do contact us.

My cleansing starts with a face wash from an organic skincare brand based around the enriching, hydrating and nourishing properties of roses - Baie Botanique’s Rose Renew Face Wash (£19.00 for 125ml) is super nourishing whilst leaving skin feeling squeaky clean. Key ingredients in this product are Rose for hydration, aloe for calming and vitamin C for brightening - I mean, who doesn’t want brighter more illuminating skin?

For my end of day cleanse I love Rosalena’s Cleanse and Be Nourishing Cleansing Balm (£49.00 for 100ml), which I love to do in a hot bubbly bath. The balm instantly melts into the face, gently dissolving dirt and make-up without a harsh astringent action. Luxurious natural ingredients include shea butter, organic coconut butter, vitamin E, apricot kernel and 5 essential oils. The result is cleansed, bouncy, hydrated plump skin ready for some zzzzzzzz.

I like to exfoliate at least twice a week and love the Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant by Meadow Skincare (£28.00 for 30ml), which contains shea butter, oatmeal, hibiscus and apricot powders along with a blend of citrusy essential oils.

The next step is a toner and an absolute star in my house for myself and (also for my 14-year-old daughter) is Pure Savvy Come Hell or High Water (£24.00 for 100ml). Made with rosa damascena flower water and cucumber, it smells lush and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed without that tight, dry feeling.

I then follow with a moisturiser which I like to alternate to avoid product build up (this is an entirely personal choice). One of my current choices is Bare Faced Skin Face Revival Hydrate Cream (£48.00 for 50ml). The macadamia nut oil in this product feels like my skin is drinking and leaves a beautiful glowing sheen to my skin, almost like an illuminating make up primer. One of the product’s key ingredients is Buckthorn Co2, a super powerful antioxidant, which helps to fight free radicals (another main offender in aging the skin).

On those days where I feel I need an extra hydration boost my secret is Tamaar Advanced Natural Anti-Aging Complex (£42.00 for 30ml) - a stunning combination of date palm extracts, turmeric and plant oils which feel luxurious in texture and silky leaving my skin hydrated at every layer.

What else can I do to keep my skin healthy as I grow older?

As well as incorporating anti-aging products into your skincare routine, I recommend you drink at least one litre of water throughout the day, eat well – minimise high fat/high sugar content food (or at least tick your 5 a day), reduce alcohol consumption or try to match each glass of the naughty stuff with a glass of the good stuff: water.

My other top tip is to keep your face out of the sun, ideally by wearing ‘Jacki O’ sunglasses or a hat and also using factor 50 or total block. An SPF is the best anti-aging defence to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and should be applied every morning before putting on makeup, and every two hours when you’re spending the day outdoors. Most importantly, we must all use an SPF regardless of sunshine to help decrease the risk of skin cancer as well as helping to prevent the sun damage that results in premature aging. You can shop Seekology’s best Summer Beauty products (including sunscreen) here.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your routine, Mimi! We’re looking forward to your next post on the science of skincare and some more of your personal recommendations.

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