Meet The Makers: Sam & Patrick from Saltee

Saltee provides luxury suncare for your next travel adventure. Whether you're seaside or slope-side, opt for sun cream is responsibly sourced and both looks and feels good. Founder Patrick shares the inspiration behind the brand, his thoughts on sustainability and his advice for new entrepeneurs. Read on to learn more or shop the range here.


What was the inspiration behind Saltee and how did your journey begin?

Saltee was created because it didn’t exist; luxurious, clean, quality sun protection. Who was asking for it? The women in our life, Aimee and Caroline. Aimee loves open-water swimming, Caroline is a triathlete with a passion for pilates, they both enjoy skiing in the Alps and stylish, exotic sun filled adventures – to some special places round the world.They both needed a fun and premium SPF solution that let them get outside, without compromising their style. Too busy chasing the sun and planning their next trip to make their own product, we decided to do it for them.

What has been your most proud moment in relation to Saltee so far?

Our first meeting with a beauty expert with our test products was an incredible moment. She applied the products to her wrists and then turned to us and said “you know the industry has been waiting years for this. You’ve done it - suncream that feels light but is high SPF.” We couldn’t contain our smiles.  


What makes Saltee different?

Saltee feels as good on your skin as it looks in your beach bag. We wanted to create products that women were eager to apply and didn’t see as a chore. Our relationship with the sun is about glorious days at the beach and long lunches - we wanted to provide products that felt part of those moments rather than an antidote to sunny holidays.  


At Seekology, we love sustainable brands - what does sustainability mean to you?

Saltee is a business based on sustainable principles – we don’t shout about it because we see good sustainable practice as a given in any modern consumer goods business. The genesis for establishing a natural and positive consumer business came from a recycling business that we established in 2011. Bringing our experience in consumer goods, retail and complex supply chains the commitment of Saltee is to be a fabulous product but also one that has a positive impact on the wider world.


How do you source your ingredients?

We take enormous care in formulating and sourcing our ingredients. As an example our first SPF went through more than 30 formulation stages as we tried to balance simple natural ingredients with providing the highest SPF protection. A big focus for us on ingredients is ensuring our products are ocean friendly. Oxybenzone has been identified as an ingredient in some suncreams that can harm coral reefs. It has been shown to exacerbate and accelerate the devastating coral bleaching. This is destroying much of the fragile coral reef ecosystems around the world. This ingredient was the primary focus of a recent ban on certain suncreams by the authorities in Hawaii. Saltee does not contain Oxybenzone and none of our products ever will.


What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Talk to your customers and understand what they need and want. The best entrepreneurs never stop getting feedback and acting on that feedback. We see some businesses that fail because they create the product they want not the product their customers need. That is a big focus for Saltee. 


What's next for Saltee?

There are two big focuses for Saltee - growing our range of products and growing the countries we serve. Our products will soon extend beyond suncare as we launch other travel essentials. And our reach is growing beyond the UK as we are listed in premium hotels around the world and prepare for a Southern Hemisphere launch in October. Our goal is to keep evolving in line with what our customers expect. 


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us Patrick! We have fallen in love with Saltee already.