Lockdown Lifting Favourites: Rebecca's top picks to enjoy a little more freedom

Seekology's Founder Rebecca says:

I can't wait to get out and about - particularly to sit outside in a pub garden! Of course, non-essential retail is opening on the 12th and I'm excited about the Seekology store reopening as well as visiting many of my other favourite independent retailers.

Here are some of my top picks to help us enjoy that little bit more freedom we'll have from next week:

1. Make up with your makeup

I've definitely been neglecting makeup over the last few months, and it's time to bring out some old favourites as well as for a bit of a refresh (did you know makeup, once opened, is a melting pot of bacteria?). Since we're still wearing masks when we're out and about, concentrate on the eyes; I love the show stopping mascara by Mii and this universally flattering eyeshadow by Sarya Couture Makeup.

For a bit of a glow after this long winter, try Liquid Bronzer by Kili Beauty. Every time I wear it, someone tells me how well I look! I simply mix a tiny amount into my moisturiser each morning for healthy, sunkissed skin.  

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2. Improve your lockdown looks (and locks)

If you're anything like me, you forgot to book a hairdressing appointment when the dates were announced and now have to live with lockdown hair until June! Don't worry though, we have lots of options to help calm down those lockdown locks. A current team favourite is the Miracle Mask by Moo & Yoo, which is not only great for the hair, it's also made using natural ingredients. 

It's also coming up to sandal season, so I'm using the Dream Night Cream For Feet by Kiss The Moon. This is a really luxurious, thick cream - definitely only for night use only. Its gentle aromatherapy smell is calming and it leaves my dry heels feeling soft in the morning. 

My final top tip on the looks side is the SPF Lip Balms by Albus & Flora - my favourite is the Nude Flora which gives a gentle coloured sheen but isn't too overpowering (especially important given I'm still taking a mask on and off all day). I love the fact that it protects my sensitive lips against sun and it's been helping with the recent wind chill too!

3. Dressing to impress 

It's going to be hard to get out of the loungewear, so if you're still living in leggings why not treat yourself to something new? These Tribal Print Leggings by Zola Eve are striking and just as great for the school run as they are for grabbing a coffee or exercising in the park. And they're eco friendly too - partially made from recycled plastic bottles!

If you're looking for some much-missed glamour, a bit of jewellery is just the thing. I love the rough gemstone necklaces by Silatha, especially this simple moonstone necklace - it can be worn with a T shirt and jeans, or with a dress for an evening look. 

Don't forget your perfume too - whilst you might not have bothered about it at home, nothing makes me think of going "out out" more than a new fragrance. For something unusual (because who wants to smell like everyone else?!) try Woody by Olfactive O

If you can't decide between perfume and jewellery, what about something really different - the aromatherapy jewellery by Oyl'e London? These beautiful necklaces and bracelets can be infused with your favourite aromatherapy oils to give a hint of scent all day long. 

Enjoy getting out of lockdown, and I hope to see you in the store soon!