9 tips for Spring beauty + wellbeing

The blossom is out, the days are getting longer, and we’re starting to feel like Spring is actually here! Of course, a change in seasons is also a time to think about changing your wardrobe, and what you do with your skin and body. As Kirstie from ebo beauty puts it so beautifully “we wouldn't wear a thick Winter coat in summer so why do the same for our skin?”.

We sat down with Mimi, Seekology’s resident skincare expert to get her top tips for Spring.

1. Exfoliate if you want your products to work

She says “you need to switch up your skincare routine – in winter you need something more unctuous and hydrating to combat winter weather (especially abrasive winds and central heating which dry out the skin). For Spring, add a really good exfoliator – a mask or regular exfoliator to remove dead skin, promote cell renewal and removes the lacklustre skin.

I love using the Evolve Radiant Glow Mask with cacao which can be used biweekly, or if you prefer a scrub try Herbal Essentials Renewal Daily Scrub.

Exfoliating with one of these will allow other products to penetrate through the layers of the skin more easily.”

2. Switch up your cleanser

Mimi says: “A new favourite of mine is the Wonder Face Cleanser by Elan Skincare to use in the morning. It has a wonderful uplifting scent, and uses really potent ingredients – the perfect blend of nature and science.

Another morning option is the Rose and Cupuacu Cleanser by Baie Botanique which has a enzymes which act as a natural exfoliator. For the evening I’m a big fan of the Cleanse & Be Nourishing Balm by Rosalena –it becomes a beautiful skincare ritual to take the day away.”

3. Use a new moisturiser

Mimi recommends to “always go lighter for these months… we haven’t had much spring weather yet, but now’s the time to stock up on what you need for the warmer times ahead. I love the Evolve 360 Multi Peptide Moisturising Cream , or if you prefer a facial oil,  try ebo beauty’s Spring Facial Oil which is specially formulated for this time of year. Another favourite is Enhance & Protect by CJ Skinhealth. You should be wearing an SPF every day and this product has  SPF30 built in, whilst feeling light enough for use every morning.”

4. Look after your lips

As well as protecting your skin, don’t forget your lips, which can be extra sensitive at this time of year thanks to a combination of cold, wind and increased sunshine. Rebecca swears by Albus & Flora’s SPF lip balms: “I use the Naked Flora every day when I go for my daily walk, and then my favourite colour is Nude Flora when I want to look a bit more professional for a zoom call” she says.  

5. Add to your diet

Of course, ideally we’d get all our nutritional needs from our food, but sometimes we all need a bit of help! Mimi says “I love to use a Vitamin D supplement at this time of year – we’ve been inside so much for so long. And of course, skin is the biggest organ so let’s look after it from the inside out”.  

Try Vitamin D and Bone Health by Life Armour for Vitamin D or if you’re looking for a supplement to support skin health, we recommend one of our newest brand launches, Gloh. Rebecca says “these easy-to-use powders create a delicious fruity drink and are definitely helping my skin glow”. You can see all our supplements here

6. Switch up your fragrance

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with something new – try a floral or fruity scent such as Rose Prana or Stories No1. “Often in winter we tend to buy something stronger, darker and in spring we choose something much lighter, says Mimi. “I recently chose Fruity (by Sarah Jossel’s new favourite fragrance brand Olfactive O) as a gift”.

7. Make your home smell gorgeous

Similarly, Spring is a great time to change up the scent in our homes. Of course, we love natural soy wax candles packed full of essential oils to fill your home with a delightful Spring fragrance. Mimi loves Interlude’s Wild Mint Candle as well as the Jenny Betts Champagne and Pomelo in its beautiful rose gold glass.

8. Treat your face to a luxury pillowcase

Mimi says “I love Koisi’s Bamboo Pillowcases so much I’ve bought them for lots of my friends! Please look after your skin and don’t lie on scratchy pillowcases. Even if you indulge in just one pillowcase as a special treat for yourself, it’s really worth looking after your skin with something gentle.” We also love the Silk options from Silk Works London, which come in a range of colours.  

9. Jazz it up with some Spring nails

“Try white for Spring”, says Mimi “I love the Coconut colour nail polish by Handmade Beauty.” (Rebecca’s using this at the moment too!).

“Alternatively use something bright and light for Spring days, such as Watermelon – and don’t forget to use a basecoat first, even with lighter colours, to protect your nails”.

Thank you so much Mimi - here’s to happy Spring days and better times ahead!

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