Lockdown hair? How to manage Summer hair when you can’t get to the hairdresser.

Turns out it’s been harder to get a salon appointment than… buying loo roll in March. Seekology’s founder Rebecca can’t get in to see her stylist until 1st August, and we’re all still seeing a lot of “lockdown hair” on zoom calls.

We spoke to hairdresser extraordinaire Diane Bowe from Bowe Organics who helped us out.

Diane, what should we be doing if our hair is dry and damaged?

“Do not despair - there are a few things you can do. Hair oils are fantastic! Applied at night, you can leave them on whilst you sleep and wash them out in the morning. My top tip is to apply shampoo when your hair is dry to break down the oil before you add any water. This will clean your hair the best. Using a sulphate free shampoo is a must for reducing dry hair and scalp; sulphates are very drying and they are also damaging to the hair, which can lead to colour fade and frizz.”

Seekology’s Commercial Director Katie agrees – she is a recent convert to Kind2’s solid shampoo range: “making the move to a solid shampoo was something I’d been thinking about for a while - less bottles, less waste, more space! I was hesitant about results as I have quite big hair at times. It didn’t lather up (which Sue from Kind2 has since told me it’s not supposed to!) which took some getting used to but the results were amazing - really shiny and it didn’t feel heavy at all. I felt like it washed out any build up and products.” 

Diane’s second tip is to use hair accessories. “Since we cannot re style our hair with scissors, let’s do it with some of the beautiful accessories that are out there. Clips, pins, embellished scrunchies, alice bands, slides, butterfly clips, the choice is endless. You can twist your hair, tease it, braid it (there are so many different types of braid) slick it behind an ear, change your parting - youtube has so many inspirational style videos.” Here’s Seekology founder Rebecca wearing her current favourite solution:

Thirdly, Diane recommends a DIY hair treatment at home. “The best way to do this is make it a whole experience. Set aside 30 minutes just for yourself and shampoo your hair twice, then gently pat it dry to remove excess water. Apply your favourite hair treatment/mask and then wrap your hair in a towel. If you have a shower cap, put this on your hair first and the cover with a towel as this helps to keep some heat around the hair and opens the cuticles slightly making it easier for the mask to penetrate the hair. Leave on the hair as directed, rinse and then always condition afterwards to help close the cuticle layers, sealing in the moisture and to prevent any damage.”

Finally, Diane – what should we do about our terrible roots?

“Embrace them! Everyone is in the same boat right now - can you rock yours with pride?  Failing that, if you're blonde and your dark roots are showing you can always apply a little arrow root powder onto your roots with a clean powder brush. It will give the same effect as dry shampoo, soften the contrast a little  but will be less drying. Start to get excited that you may be able to explore a whole new way of colouring your hair now that you have 2 to 3 inches of roots. Remember, you are you, with grown out colour or not. You are still amazing.” 

We hope this helps if you’re still experiencing “lockdown hair” – do check out our new haircare ranges including Holy Curls, specifically designed for curly hair, and sustainable and natural specialist Moo Hair, a new favourite of Seekology’s brand strategist Heather, who says “I am a sucker for design led packaging so these look great in my bathroom, but they also actually work. I tried the shampoo and conditioner to begin with and loved so much I then bought the mask. Conditioning and not “gloopy” in texture, you can tell the ingredients are pure and my dry, coloured hair is very satisfied.”

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