Meet our inspired pin-up Sustainable Soldier, Frankie Holah

Frankie Holah has long lived a sustainable life, with her gorgeous partner and cute-as-cute-can-be little one. We catch up with her here to learn more (including some brilliant insider tips on where to find great staple baby products and what she would choose from the Seekology edit).




1. Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Frankie, i’m based in south London with my partner and 18 month old daughter Luna. I’ve been a personal trainer now for 6 years and speciality is pre and post natal exercise as well as generally helping my clients to move better for longer. I’m a sucker for a house plant, love searching charity shops for treasures and every morning I finish my shower by turning it cold and staying in for as long as I can!


2. What does sustainability mean to you? 

For me it means living in a more balanced way alongside nature and minimizing the negative impact I have on the planet while I’m here.


3. How important is using organic products for your little one?

In general we always try and use the most natural products we can for Luna and would favour organic ingredients...


4. Any top tips of other independent brands for the Mumma's reading this? 

Bambino Mio re-useable nappies. We also love the all-in-one and the patterns are gorgeous. Leaping Lizards for unique handmade clothes from baby to adult and PaperTots for beautiful paper designs for the nursery or super stylish milestone cards. Gosh, I have some talented friends! The Gilded Bird for high quality changing mats and Fara Charity Shops for the best second hand clothes for little ones... I can never resist it!


5. What changes have you made over the years to live a more conscious lifestyle?

A big change for me was giving up shopping at fast fashion labels - they are so harmful for our environment and more often than not, treat & pay garment workers so unfairly that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I now focus on buying from eco friendly brands and also second hand. It’s about buying less, buying quality and making things last. Other day to day changes include buying a reusable metal razor, using zero waste shops and refill stations for items like washing up, bulk buying paper wrapped toilet roll (pre Covid as well) to reduce plastic packaging, soap bars over plastic body wash bottles, a mooncup over tampons and most recently with a baby, reusable nappies and wipes.


6. We heard you grow your own vegetables on a small city balcony. Tell us more...

Ahh yes, well this started quite recently with lockdown as it gave me the time to focus on it over the summer. We planted lettuces, tomatoes, beans courgettes and chillis using a mix of grow bags and big plant pots. My parents are very keen gardeners and have kept an allotment for 30+ years, so I got a lot of tips from them (my personal gurus) which was extremely helpful. Even with a small space you can do a lot and it’s SO satisfying and heart warming seeing those plants grow - Now with winter hitting we are buying a mini green house for the balcony to grow some herbs and winter greens in the colder months. The loveliest thing about it really, was seeing Luna picking the tomatoes that she had ‘helped’ me plant back in the spring.


7. What other women/men inspire you on a day-to-day basis to lead a more sustainable life?

My daughter Luna... she inspires me to be better and do more to make our lives as sustainable and low impact as possible. Ultimately we are leaving this planet to her. And my parents have inspired me for years about living consciously - I have learnt so much from them and I want to use and pass on that knowledge and wisdom.


8. What are your favourite documentaries to watch right now focusing on saving our planet?

‘The True Cost’ movie changed my life - as soon as I saw it I stopped buying fast fashion. A must watch about the impact of that industry on the planet. Most recently I’ve been watching Simon Reeve on his travels around the world - it’s flagged up some serious environmental and social issues that I wasn’t aware of before. A very interesting series of documentaries.


9. We also know you are a fitness guru... any tips to help us plan for potential indulgence over Christmas Season?!

Keep it simple - there’s way too much pressure about fitness around Christmas and new year. A technique I use when in festive mode is to focus on building movement into my day in a variety of ways - have you stretched, been out for walk, had a dance party in the kitchen? If getting in a sweaty workout to kick off the day is your thing, but motivation is low, keep it short and stick to big compound movements to make the most of the time. Oh and don’t punish yourself for enjoying that extra Baileys or chocolate!


10. What eco-conscious brands are you loving on Seekology right now?

I am loving the look of the shampoo bars as it is still something I struggle to find that works with my hair. The Petit Jovial nourishing balm looks perfect for little ones and when it comes to staying active, the natural biodegradable Fable yoga mats would be ideal for all of the home workouts we are doing at the moment.







11. If you could give one change that is simple to introduce to daily life to help reduce waste, what would it be?

Plan meals ahead to avoid too much food waste and unnecessary packaging - food waste in landfill is responsible for huge amounts of green houses gases released into the atmosphere as it degrades.  



Thanks so much Frankie. We have loved catching up with you and The True Cost is on our watch list for the weekend. Send our love and cuddles to Luna :)