Veganuary: what's it all about?

Seekology Founder Rebecca shares her thoughts on Veganuary, along with 7 of the best vegan beauty + wellbeing products:

A seven-year-old phenomenon, participation in Veganuary has doubled since 2019 and shows no sign of abating. Toni Vernelli from Veganuary was quoted in The Guardian this week as saying “pretty much everyone has accepted we need to be reducing animal products in our diets for environmental reasons".

But what about beauty? Did you know that many common beauty products contain animal-derived ingredients? And that "cruelty free" doesn't necessarily mean vegan - and vice versa?

Some common animal-derived ingredients include Cochineal (a colourant made from crushed beetles, sometimes used in in lipsticks and blushers), Lanolin (an extract made from sheep's wool, which can be found in lip and hair products) and Keratin (made from animal horns or hair, and can be used in hair or nail products). And whilst some vegans are OK with beeswax (a very common ingredient in lip balms and lipsticks), others aren't comfortable with this. 

Understanding what's in your beauty products can be a bit of a minefield - it's not always obvious if something might be derived from animals. This is why I decided to set up the Seekology website so that you can filter for products that are vegan, to give you peace of mind; you can also click here to see some of our vegan beauty favourites. And if you’re not quite sure how to start making the switch to vegan beauty, here are some of my top products.

1. Baie Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Face Cream


A gently fragranced every day face cream, made from natural ingredients and focused on the power of rose, a versatile plant which has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It’s light enough to use under makeup yet keeps my face feeling moisturised all day.

2. Kind2 The Hydrating One Solid Shampoo

A store bestseller, this solid shampoo bar is good for the environment (each bar saves the use of two plastic bottles). I’ve been using it, my husband’s been using it, and Kind2 founder Sue has amazing hair!

3. Nom Nom Skincare Organic Baby Oil

I use this wonder product on my children when they get dry skin. A certified organic and vegan product, this gentle oil is unfragranced (save the natural fragrance of the plant-based oils that it’s made from). Perfect for use on cradle cap or rubbing into little red windswept cheeks.

4. Rebel Blends Bergamot & Musk Body Oil

Rebel Blends Body Oil

It’s easy to neglect skin on your body during winter, and a body oil is the perfect thing for dry legs. I love this one by Rebel Blends – sweet without being overpowering, it contains nine plant oils, has a gentle fragrance and absorbs quickly into the skin.

5. Elm Rd. Amira Reed Diffuser

Elm Rd luxury essential oil natural Amira Diffuser This luxury diffuser contains pure essential oils as well as a vegan and eco-friendly soy base. This particular fragrance is a personal favourite (in fact, I asked for the candle making kit in the same scent for Christmas) as it’s both sweet and dark thanks to a combination of geranium, mandarin and oud. Plus, I like the way the black container looks sophisticated on my shelf.

6. Clockface Beauty Charcoal & Himalayan Salt Face Mask

Face masks have been flying off Seekology’s virtual shelves – I think it’s because our faces are rather irritated after wearing face coverings so much. This natural, organic and vegan option combines charcoal, clay and Himalayan salts for an invigorating spa-at-home experience that draws out impurities and keeps my skin soft and smooth.

7. Bowe Organics Lip Rescue Balm

These were a complete sellout over Christmas! Unlike most lip balms, which contain beeswax, this contains shea butter, cocoa butter and raspberry seed oil to keep lips moisturised right through the winter. I keep mine in my handbag to use on-the-go.

So there you have it - a whistlestop tour of 7 of my favourite vegan beauty products. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about which vegan products might be right for you, please do book a free skincare consultation, and shop our vegan favourites here

Happy Veganuary!