Set Yourself Apart: Palm of Feronia

One of our coveted independent beauty + wellbeing brands has recently gone through a rebranding exercise and the results are in... absolutely stunning. Not only are the products incredible, the beautiful images now play a huge role also in sharing what Palm of Feronia is all about. So we caught up with the Founder, Sophia, to hear a little more.


1. Tell us how the journey started with Palm Of Feronia?

I suffered with adult acne for over 10 years, starting in my early 20’s and tried EVERYTHING - all the tablets, creams, acids, cutting out dairy, a new pillowcase every day, never touching my face, cutting out sugar (you name it, I tried it) but nothing worked and my skin got worse and worse. It was hormonal acne but all month long, so I always had loads of painful cysts across my chin/ jaw and in later years all over my face. Eventually, I had enough and said yes to a very controversial medication (Roaccutane) to treat the acne. This made my skin super-sensitive and even raw aloe vera would cause my face to burn. Early in 2019 I began experimenting with natural oils to see what was gentle enough to use and gradually began to make my own products for myself, then later family and friends. I’ve always been a bit of a knowledge sponge so as soon as I started learning about all the ingredients, it just rolled on and on. I then studied organic skincare formulation and used this as a platform to launch what is now Palm of Feronia.

2. Such an interesting brand name- what does it mean and why did you choose this?

Palm of Feronia hasn't always been Palm of Feronia - and it was a very rushed, but happy change! The brand was originally "The Honest Tonic" but I landed a cease and desist for using the word "Honest" and was given only 4 days to stop! Very frustrating as I'd just spent a lot of money on packaging, labels and so on, but instead of taking this as a negative I used the opportunity to find a name better suited to the values of the brand and worked from the logo we had at that time. I've always loved mythology, and Feronia - the Roman goddess of health, healing and abundance - felt like a perfect fit!

3. You have just launched your "new look". What do you hope to achieve with this?

This was a really scary thing to do, as there was so much love and attachment to the old look, but I knew that it could be better. I wanted packaging that felt more luxurious - that really felt special when you're taking time out for some self-care (time that many people often don't have much of!). Considering all 5 senses was super-important too, not only the look, the smell but how the product and packaging felt in your hands. It also allowed me to remove a little plastic from our packaging - whilst we're not 100% plastic free yet, these little improvements are really important to me.

4. How do you source the stones for each product?

I've practiced crystal healing for around 10 years now and was luckily introduced to mineral conventions and shows very early on through a family member. Through this, I've been able to get to know some wonderful and ethical suppliers, but like most things - lot's of trial and error too!

5. Where are the products made?

All products are handmade by me in my very small artisan lab. I'm definitely outgrowing the space though so am working on the next steps to scale up!

6. What inspired you in general to create such a gorgeous concept?

It doesn't feel like there was a clear path, just something that naturally happened. I didn't intend to start a business, but began experimenting for myself, which meant I was very selfish and created what I'd want to use. Self-care has always been very important to me and it was just a natural unconscious decision that I'd incorporate crystals and essential oils into this because they were such a huge part of my life.

7. What is your go-to product in time of need?

Moon balm! I have little pots of the stuff all over the house, in my car, at my desk and rub it into the soles of my feet before bed - although the essential oil blend is incredibly soothing, the practice of massaging the balm into skin is my little moment of mindfulness.

8. What can you do with the stones once the products are finished?

I've seen people use the stones in so many ways - adding into other self-care products they use, stitching into little aromatherapy bundles and arranging little mini crystal altars. Really, they're great to add to any little special place where you take time for yourself. For some people that might be a bedside table, or next to a yoga mat or it could just be that 3 minutes where you stand brushing your teeth in the morning!


What a treat to hear a little more about Palm of Feronia and the woman behind it. Feel the need to explore more (we don't blame you!)?

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