How scent can help you relax

As we all know, the power of scent is incredible. Here at Seekology, every single team member owns one of the candles or diffusers from our independent brand offering (and many other products which also use fragrance to calm the mind... skincare, room spray, foot cream- anything goes!). So what makes this sense so special?


Miguel Martinez from Elm Rd notes "Scent has the power to instantly transport us back to a special time and place. This is because our brains are hard-wired to create powerful links between scent and memory. Once our noses detect aroma molecules, the scent is processed by the olfactory bulb in our brain. This processing directly stimulates the limbic system, which is also the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories. When the healing benefits of natural fragrance are combined with memories which evoke joy, relaxation or romance, the result is a blissful feeling of pure escapism. So as the days get shorter and as our schedules get more hectic, now is the ideal time to harness this feeling."
Elm Rd candles


Jenny Betts from Jenny Betts London says, "The fragrance in a scented candle stimulates the part of the brain connected to memory and mood, so it can unlock positive energy and has healing properties to reduce feelings of anxiety. Jenny Betts London has carefully selected fragrances to enhance wellbeing and aid relaxation. From the de-stressing properties of the Rose range and the relaxing fragrance of  blackberry and bay to the healing properties of citrus found in bamboo and white grapefruit and pink champagne and pomelo, there’s a calming Jenny Betts London fragrance that will help keep your stress levels down as you you tackle the challenges of lockdown #2.  


Sumera Shamim from Oyl'e tells us "The chemical imbalance in the brain is said to occur when there's either too much or too little of certain chemicals, called neurotransmitters. These can affect appetite, sleep, learning and mood. Through inhalation of essential oils, positive changes can occur in the brain chemistry helping reduce aggression, make you resistant to depression and anxiety. Adding a drop or two of your favourite oil and diffusing through the OYL'E pendant, your Essential Oil jewellery can provide hours or even days of aromatherapy benefits. Our essential Oil blends benefits include mood improvement and emotional balance".



Hopefully hearing from some of our brand founders has helped educate you to carefully consider the scents you surround yourself with and how they can help you calm the mind and reduce stresses (much needed for all right now!). 

Have a great day,

The Seekology Team


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