Celebrate Organic Beauty Week With Seekology

This week is Organic Beauty Week, supported by the Soil Association. We spoke to some of the founders of organic beauty brands that we feature at Seekology to get their thoughts on all things organic beauty. In these inspiring discussions, the founders’ passion for all things organic clearly shone through.

What’s the reasoning behind going organic when it comes to beauty? 

Laura Rudoe from Evolve Beauty says “I’ve always been passionate about organic living as I believe that organically grown food and ingredients are better for us and for the planet. Ingredients which are grown organically without the use of pesticides are able to keep hold of every nutrient, which means you are then feeding these nutrients into your skin to achieve long lasting results.”

It's a similar story from Diane from Bowe Organics, whose interest in all things organic started with food before progressing into beauty: “when formulating my own [range] it was priority number one! I only chose organic ingredients registered with the Soil Association as I can then guarantee all processes, from farming to cold pressing/extraction, are of the highest quality… my mind can rest knowing my products are not contributing to deterioration of the soil and environment through pesticides.”

We have noticed that many customers become more interested in organic beauty during pregnancy or when they are searching for products for their children. Nom Nom Skincare is a brand that meets this need, and founder Jayne says “Organic is central to Nom Nom’s ethos. I chose organic ingredients and certification to give reassurance to new and expectant parents and to help protect the environment for our future generations.”

Does going organic make sense for a brand?

Laura says that “the fact that we’re an organic brand is definitely something which draws customers to our brand… We’ve recently become COSMOS certified organic and natural and the response from our customers has been amazing and overwhelming, it’s great to see how excited people are about the fact that our products have been certified to this gold standard in organic products.”

Are organic products as effective as other beauty products?

Yes! If properly formulated, organic products can be extremely effective: “There’s never a tradeoff on quality though when using organic ingredients, as they’re just as effective at caring for the skin and providing lasting and long term results”, says Laura.

People who have always used synthetic chemicals in their skincare may be surprised to discover that many natural ingredients pack a surprisingly powerful punch – there’s a reason some of them have been used for centuries and in many cases there is a growing body of scientific research to back up the anecdotal results.

Are there sometimes any challenges for brands in sourcing organic ingredients?

It’s not always possible to tick all the boxes when looking for ingredients that meet our values – especially when things like sustainability are thrown into the mix. However, Laura says that “the only challenge when using organic ingredients is that there is less choice than using non-organic ingredients. However, over recent years there has been an increase in the number of organic ingredients available and so it’s becoming much easier to formulate new products.”

So what ingredients should I be looking out for?

Diane’s favourite ingredient is Black Seed Oil. “I love it!” she remarks. “It has so many beneficial properties from aiding hair growth to being anti inflammatory. I take a spoonful of Black Seed Oil every day; it has quite a powerful aroma which can take some getting used to but has some amazing health benefits.”

Jayne chooses her ingredients with her nutritional therapist hat on - for their great nutritional profiles as well as safety and efficacy for pregnancy and baby skin. She explains “As you’d expect from the name; Nom Nom, most of our ingredients are edible and their high levels of antioxidants (up to 60% higher in organic), vitamins and essential fatty acids are great used on the skin too. Starflower lives up to its name as it really is a star ingredient. It is super rich in GLA (gamma linoleic acid) which works wonders on cradle cap and dry skin. Calendula, made by infusing marigold flowers in sunflower oil, is like bottled sunshine. It’s perfect for babies, helping to calm sore, red, itchy and irritated skin. I love virgin coconut oil’s scent and nourishing and soothing properties for the skin – which is why you can find it in more than half the range.” ⠀

What are the trends in organic beauty?

Laura shares “there is a growing awareness of organic products, with more people questioning where their products are coming from and how they’re made.” This is borne out in official figures from the Soil Association, whose recent report shares that sales or organic beauty were +23% in 2019 – the 9th consecutive year of growth, and reaching a new high of £106m.  

What should customers be thinking about if they’re interested in trying organic beauty for the first time?

Switching beauty products can be a minefield at the best of times – that’s where Seekology can help. Feel free to email us on hello@seekology.co or book in here for a free online skin consultation if you’d like some advice, or drop into our new store in Richmond.

Jayne’s view is that moving to organic beauty is a “low risk, high benefit choice” and she recommends starting with one product if you’d like to dip your toe in the water. “Our Baby Butter, for example, is a great multi-tasker which can be used by the whole family! The waterless formulation means it is super concentrated with 100% plant ingredients, so a little goes a long way. One jar will cover many of your skincare needs, saving you time, saving you money and helping you do your bit for saving the planet too.”

Diane suggests that you should not be afraid to ask questions of retailers or brands: “You never know when your question may lead to the brand owner doing more research thus helping them grow.” And whilst not all brands choose to be Soil Association registered due to the cost, feel free to ask if ingredients are registered. And Diane closes with the important advice “don't get lost in fancy words or branding, and always ask questions if you feel you are being "greenwashed".

What else do customers need to know?

And if you haven’t been convinced of the benefits of organic beauty already, we’ll leave the last word to Jayne: “Organic farming gives protection to farm workers, the soil, water systems and wildlife, while certified products guarantee no controversial chemicals, no genetically modified ingredients and sustainable sourcing - so an all-round win.”

Thanks to Jayne from Nom Nom Skincare, Laura from Evolve Organic Beauty and Diane from Bowe Organics for their contributions to our discussion and I hope you enjoy shopping our Organic Favourites here. If you have any questions please do get in touch!