Meet The Maker: Diana from Handmade Beauty

This week we catch up with Diana from HandMade Beauty. Creator of non-toxic nail polishes, treatments and accessories, Diana's products have been developed using alternative ingredients that maintain healthy nails. Her nail polishes allow the nails to breathe and her packaging is a combination of glass and bamboo. HandMade Beauty is and always will be a cruelty free brand, with vegan products. Let's see what she has to say....


What was the inspiration behind HandMade Beauty?

The inspiration behind HMB is healthy lifestyle that combines a holistic approach to life as a whole. By this I mean taking care of your entire body, the mind and the spirit; with healthy habits, daily routines, exercises, healthy eating, meditation and of course, this also implies clean beauty products.


How did you get started?

I started 9 years ago as a distributor, being a pioneer bringing natural beauty products to the Spanish Market. I went into the organic sector step by step, thus creating an Organic Beauty Space in Spain; introducing beauty and wellness products from USA and Australia. These products back at that time were mostly immature, raw and possibly not very ready for the Spanish market. But I was so into it and I shared the values and views. So one day I came up with the idea of creating my own brand within that niche – and this is when HandMade Beauty was born.


What is different about HandMade Beauty versus other nail brands? 

Within the market of toxin-free and safe nail care there are just a few brands and of course, all are different. What makes us different? Our philosophy, and our carefully selected ingredients: organic, sustainable and raw. We were born in a salon (and it’s a big advantage!) and we focus on holistic tailor-made treatments with natural ingredients. Each of our products is the result of a long, creative process and research, and they are created by artisans and Spanish companies. Furthermore, all of our materials, packaging and labels, are reusable and produced by small local communities, meeting all the possible organic standards.


How do you research and find your ingredients? 

We select our suppliers carefully. They need to be sustainable and they must work with certified organic ingredients. We value quality and use all these criteria to find the best ingredients and the best formulas for our customers.


How do you look after your own nails? 

For me the most important consideration is nail care. We have an amazing selection of base coats and oils that treat your nails to make them stronger. My favourite is the Rose Cuticle Oil that keeps your nails and cuticles hydrated.


What's your favourite nail polish colour? 

My favourite colours are Peony and Cherry. Both classy, but vibrant and of course, toxin free.