Set Yourself Apart: Nom Nom

Created by Jayne Russell, a pregnancy and postnatal massage and nutritional therapist with over 20 years experience, Nom Nom is a baby skincare range every mother-to-be should know about. It has been thoughtfully formulated to help new and expectant parents find the assurance of natural, organic and trustworthy skincare and to gently and effectively address the most common pregnancy and baby skincare issues. Shop the range here, or read on to learn more about this brand and insightful tips from the woman behind it.


What was the inspiration behind your brand and how did your journey begin?Apart from meaning something delicious, the name Nom Nom is an acronym for Nutrition, Organic and Massage.

I was a pregnancy and baby massage and nutritional therapist for over twenty years and my clients were my inspiration. I worked with feedback from hundreds of new and expectant mums to create the range. 

Over the years I was always asked questions about looking after baby skin and three things became clear:

  • There is a lot of confusion around baby skincare
  • Many products are not as natural/organic as they claim
  • Many parents found the brands they were using caused skin issues

I was inspired to create my own range to compliment my treatments and extend the benefits beyond the therapy room. It had to be certified to give assurance, to address pregnancy and baby skincare issues and to spread the word about massage, nutrition, skin care and wellbeing for mums and babies. Supporting a healthy beginning to new life.


Why is Nom Nom different from other baby brands out there?

I know it is a range parents can really trust. It ticks all the boxes – truly natural, organic and sustainable with Soil Association and COSMOS certification, gentle, effective, vegan and supported by my practitioner knowledge and positive customer feedback.

The range is formulated without the synthetic chemicals many wish to avoid and the baby range is fragrance free and made without potentially irritating natural ingredients such as tree nut oils, sesame and olive oil.

I see Nom Nom as a wellbeing range and I’d say my specialist background from twenty years of practice give it a point of difference. Because healthy skin is about more than what goes on it, I share my expertise on massage, nutrition and skincare to enhance the benefits and give extra support to new parents and babies.


How much research do you put into each product ingredient?

A lot! Almost anyone can formulate a range using a generic oil, balm or cream base and simply add fragrance or essential oils. That’s not Nom Nom!  I love to use high quality nourishing plant oils like coconut, shea, calendula, starflower and aloe vera which really help to soothe and calm skin issues. Oils and butters have very different profiles so it was important to select those that were suitable for pregnancy and baby skin and specific to the task of the product. Every one of my ingredients has been chosen for a distinct purpose.

So I spent a couple of years on research, formulation and testing; considering the properties, functions, nutritional profile and scent of different oils and butters as well as how they perform on the skin - as a massage therapist it was very important to me that my products have good glide but also absorb well without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

I also read studies for ingredient efficacy, choosing starflower for cradle cap and carefully selected essential oils which have been evaluated for their therapeutic benefits in pregnancy and labour.


Are you a mother yourself?

Yes! To two grown-ups now! I love being a mum - definitely my proudest achievement. My son is at university and my daughter is soon starting her Art Foundation. I do sometimes miss them being small but it’s so rewarding to see them develop into fine young people with their own unique opinions and views on the world.


Why do you think it is important to use these types of products for a baby

Baby skin needs extra special care. It is delicate, thinner and more permeable than adults, making it less able to retain moisture and more prone to dryness and irritation. So many products aimed at babies contain needless fragrance and harsh detergents like SLS and other synthetic chemicals which can dry the skin and trigger reactions.

Babies don’t need lots of skincare products but what you use should be gentle, effective and suitable for baby skin. It’s really important not to overload it with lots of different products and ingredients. My Nom Nom baby range includes three essential products to cleanse, moisturise and protect: Baby Oil, Baby Butter and Baby Bath, which are all dual or multi-purpose.


What positive effects can using them have?

Because the products are specially formulated for baby, their skin is supported, undisturbed and able to function as it should. I receive wonderful feedback from my regulars who’ve used Nom Nom from the beginning, saying their baby’s skin is healthy and problem free. Many find it has soothed sensitive and eczema prone skin and helped clear cradle cap. Looking after a new baby, especially for first timers, can be fraught with worries and choices – a big positive of Nom Nom is that parents feel reassured.


Do you think baby massage should be a part of the everyday mother-baby routine?

I understand mums are super busy, but baby massage has so many benefits! I have been a baby massage instructor for over twenty years, so tend to recommend it whenever I can. Just a few benefits include helping to relieve tummy issues such a wind, colic and constipation, promoting relaxation and improved sleep and encouraging bonding by helping your baby to feel securely attached.

For parents it provides relaxing, quality time together and can help you better understand your baby’s body language and behaviour, increasing your confidence in caring for them and helping you feel closer. It is also a wonderful way to apply skincare products, to become familiar with your baby’s skin and aware of any issues before they develop or worsen.  

Can your products be used on children of all ages?

Absolutely! And adults! I use the phrase Pregnancy, Baby … and Beyond. People love using the products during pregnancy and for baby, as they have been formulated with these key life stages in mind, but they continue to use them for many years on themselves and as their children grow.

Baby Butter with Calendula and Evening Primrose, is especially popular as a multi tasker and is used by the whole family as a dry skin remedy, make up remover, lip balm and hair tamer in addition to a nappy/body/face balm for baby. The baby range is also enjoyed by people who suffer from eczema and sensitive skin as it is super gentle, fragrance free and made without the most common potential allergens.


What do you think the future holds for Nom Nom?

I love that it has come full circle from being a therapist myself to providing a range to support others in their mum and baby practices. The professional side of the range is growing really well with pregnancy and baby massage therapists, salons and spas using the products and I am keen to develop this further. I would also love to create a range for new mums when I finally find the time! 


What is your one top tip for budding entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry?

There is so much competition in this industry, so choose a niche and make sure it’s something you love and feel a true passion for. You will need to sustain your enthusiasm for meeting your customers’ needs and communicating with them. You can only do that if it is something you genuinely care about - and I love pregnancy and babies!