Are you barking up the right tree? Why tree bark is the surprise skincare hero.

These days you can find all sorts of things in your skincare products – some nice ingredients, and some not so nice. Whilst natural doesn’t always mean good (deadly nightshade, anyone?), it’s great to see a resurgence of ingredients from natural sources that are packed full of active ingredients and, in many cases, have been used for thousands of years.

Why would I want tree bark in my skincare?

Tree bark as a beauty ingredient has recently been in the news, and it is included in some of our favourite beauty products at Seekology. Many forms of tree bark contain powerful anti-oxidants, which fight the free radicals that can contribute to different forms of skin damage. It’s not known why, but it makes sense to me that a part of the tree that is designed to protect it from the sun and the elements could also be used to look after our skin in the same way.


The Rosalena Skincare Cleanse & Be Nourishing Cleansing Balm includes Camphor Essential Oil which is extracted from the Cinnamonun camphora tree via distillation. The team at Rosalena Skincare say: “this natural anti-inflammatory is cooling and refreshing and improves circulation as well as being a great skin detoxifier... it is a great ingredient in skincare products for urban 21st century living. It also has a mind-clearing, uplifting scent.”

What is Salix Alba?

One of the most commonly used tree bark ingredients, you’ll find white willow bark extract, or Salix Alba, in Pure Savvy’s multitasking Close of Play Serum, which also packs a punch with marula, rose and squalene.


This willow bark extract contains salicin – similar to salicylic acid – which can help with exfoliating, toning and smoothing the skin. It’s used very effectively in LBB Skin’s Take Off – Touch Down Cleansing Cloths; unique biodegradable wipes that are a “facial in a packet”.


Several products in Baie Botanique’s range also include Salix Alba, along with other natural ingredients such as rose, lemongrass and Sodium Hyaluronate (naturally formed Hyaluronic Acid) to plump and smooth skin – this Eye Cream is a team favourite.

What do scientists say about tree bark in beauty products? 

You can find an ingredient made from pine bark in one of our newest brands, Saltee.

The use of pine bark extract in their suncream helps to combat hyper-pigmentation, and according to Japanese scientists can increase lymphatic function (that means reduced sagging for our skin). there you have it – we’re definitely barking up the right tree. Do let us know if there are other ingredients you’d like to learn about!