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Our hair can become dry for many reasons such as the overuse of hair straighteners or other heating tools, excess sun or chlorine exposure or Afro and other curly hair types being prone to dryness! But did you know that regular thermal deep conditioning treatments help to ensure strands are not deprived of the vital moisture they love?

Lava Caps are an easy way to look after your hair at home. The durable cotton deep conditioning hair cap is microwave-friendly, and the flaxseed filling is a natural heat storage medium that once warmed safely emits a gentle heat to promote healthy hair growth by assisting hair hydration & scalp stimulation. Boost the effect of hydrating masks or butters by bathing your hair in a gentle, moist heat every time you condition your hair wearing this bold, colourful hair steamer cap – you’ll be sporting a healthy scalp and head of hair in no time!


DIRECTIONS: Apply your favourite conditioning product to your hair, wear one of the shower caps provided and then heat the Lava Cap in a microwave for 60-90 seconds before enjoying a cosy, gentle heat treatment for up to 20 minutes (you can reheat if desired!) Note: do not immerse Lava Cap in water / do not get Lava Cap wet.

SIZE: 27cm cap unstretched diameter. Caps have a comfortable, stretchy fit that's also great for thick and long hair. Suitable for all genders & hair types.

CONTENTS: Lava Caps are natural flaxseed-filled cotton caps with an elasticated headband. Each kit contains a Lava Cap (in a colour of your choice), a scalp massager, cotton storage pouch, disposable shower caps and an instruction booklet.

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