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Repeat out loud or to yourself, I AM LOVED: Light this candle and say your affirmations with love intention. Allow feelings of comfort and safety flow through you. Included with your candle is a keepsake card, go deeper by using the longer self-love affirmation on it. 

This luxury soy wax candle features warm top notes of aromatic cinnamon and orange, a smooth dark rose and tuberose centre and base notes of sensual oud, amber and vanilla

Your daily reminder that you are loved.

With a burn time of 40 hours and hand-poured in the UK, this candle would make the perfect gift. 

DIRECTIONS: Candle care and safety -Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting or relighting. When burning your candle for the first time, allow the surface to melt completely to the glass. This will prevent your candle from tunnelling and ensure it burns evenly. 

Never leave a lighted candle unattended. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. Never burn a candle near anything flammable and always burn in a draft free area. Never touch the outside of the glass candle once lit: wait until it has been extinguished and cooled before touching or moving. It’s best to extinguish candles with a snuffer, and extinguish 10mm from the base.
Always burn on a heat resistant surface. Never add fragrance oils or foreign items into the candle.
Keep candles 10cm apart when burning them in groups. Keep your candle free from dust.

SIZE: 220grams, Candle measures 8cm across and 9cm high.

INGREDIENTS:100% vegan soy wax infused with fine fragrance. Cotton paper wick. Clean burning and eco-friendly. Free from petroleum, paraffin, lead and parabens. No animal products or testing. Made from sustainably grown soy. Recyclable packaging.

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