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Happiness is a unique blend of 11 essential oils, including Sicilian bergamot, neroli, green mandarin, rosewood, rose geranium, rosemary and pine.

The citrus notes in this scent are a great pick-me-up when feeling stress or glum, the zesty tang encouraging vigour. It has been proven that citrus aromas relieve stress and anxiety. Rosewood provides a grounding note, while aromatic notes of pine and rosemary help lift the spirit and clear the mind.

ELM RD. candles are hand-poured into a hand-blown glass tumbler and come with a recycled cork lid. The wooden wick crackles when the candle is burning.

DIRECTIONS: Unscrew the lid and light carefully by holding the candle at an angle. Light from the base of the wood wick. Burn for a minimum of 1-2 hours and a maximum of 4. Before relighting, snap off the burnt wood at the top of the wick or it will not light properly.


Tumbler candle 237ml - 160g net weight (40+ hours burn time)

Travel candle 60ml - 50g net weight (15+ hours burn time)

INGREDIENTS: Rapeseed and soy wax base, essential oils and wood-wick.

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