The Power of Rose Quartz

We’re converts to the power of crystals in skincare - particularly using a rose quartz gua sha or facial tool, or a jade roller as part of our beauty regime. Plus, rose quartz makes for gorgeous jewellery too. If you’re curious to find out more, read this blog all about crystals... 

The Most Famous Quartz - Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most widely available quartzes in the world, and with a beautiful subtle pink hue, it’s most commonly known as the crystal for love. Fun fact: rose quartz scores 7 out of 10 on the MOHS scale of mineral hardness, so it’s very resilient (although we do recommend wrapping your rose quartz beauty tools to protect them - and avoid them scratching something else). 

Since we wanted to learn more about rose quartz, we spoke to Justine, founder of Aurora Facets Transformational Healing, who said: “When you work with rose quartz you can feel the sense of love enveloping you with a soft approach; it is loving, feminine and motherly.  Ultimately it opens the heart chakra, sending out love to the other chakras, it is the separation between the lower and upper chakras, creating balance, unconditional love first and foremost for the self.”

Wearing Crystals: Rose Quartz Jewellery

A perfect way to include the powers of  rose quartz in your day to day is through Silatha’s beautiful jewellery, including our bestselling Self Love Bracelet and the Rough Rose Quartz Necklace, which we’ve even shipped as far afield as Atlanta! As an added plus, these beautiful handmade pieces of rose quartz jewellery come with access to the Silatha meditation app to practice mindfulness and self love. 

We also love the new mala bracelets and necklaces from Kati Kaia which combine Rose Quartz with other crystals such as Jade and Amazonite to create beautiful crystal jewellery which is unique, sophisticated and wearable every day. Try this mala bracelet including rose quartz -  or go all out with a beautiful rose quartz necklace

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Facial Rituals: How to use Rose Quartz in your Beauty Regime

Crystals have been used for generations to transform the skin. From facial rollers to gua sha, using a rose quartz facial tool can improve blood circulation and overall skin tone, reduce wrinkles and puffiness, reduce dark undereye circles, eliminate toxins and promote lymphatic drainage.  

Helena, co-founder of Rosalena Bio-Active Skincare, says: "the Rose Quartz Magic Mushroom Tool brings all the benefits of a professional facial massage to your home through a few simple and easy to follow steps. The specially shaped stones are powerful releasers of muscle tension, a major course of lines and wrinkles. They deliver expert, natural results by smoothing and rejuvenating the skin to leave it glowing with health and radiance. Easy to hold, allowing simple yet effective massage, with the versatility of both a large and small rounded end in one Magic Mushroom." 


How to use Rose Quartz to look after your Skin and your Wellbeing

We’re also seeing a rise in beauty products that include Rose Quartz. Try this Rose Quartz spray by Palm of Feronia, which helps maintain the skin's natural pH balance, reduces redness and has antioxidant qualities that help to generate new skin cells while rose quartz extract – rose quartz crystals ground into a power and suspended in the blend – heighten the benefits of the crystals to their full effect. 

Alternatively, a great way to incorporate rose quartz into your everyday wellbeing ritual is with this aromatherapy rollerball by Eve & Keel. It blends rose geranium for beauty and balance, melissa to replace fear with love, and bergamot for its boundless optimism. It's a beautiful addition to your routine, with added rose quartz and aventurine crystals to enhance the energy of your heart chakra, allowing joy to flow freely. 

Are you Rose Quartz Obsessed yet?

In summary, we have been converted to the powers of rose quartz - both to wear and to use on our skin! As Justine says “when you use a product that contains rose quartz or is made from rose quartz you open yourself up to the possibility of integrating these beautiful energies within and around you, therefore having a powerful knock-on effect both within and out.”

We hope you enjoy trying rose quartz products and improving your own wellbeing.