The Best Summer Beauty Buys

Finally - Summer is here! We hope you’ve been enjoying these warm days out in the garden, by the river or at the pub.  

As the seasons change, so should our beauty routine. From refreshing face mists to the best bronzers for that summer glow and of course SPF - here are our founder Rebecca’s top 10 best beauty products for Summer. She says: “it was so hard to choose, I’ve curated a whole collection of the Best Summer Beauty Buys for you! 

The best in Summer Makeup & Fragrance

 1. Liquid Bronzer by Kili Beauty 

If you’re looking to achieve that natural, healthy summer glow, one of our favourites has been the Liquid Bronzer by Kili Beauty. For a minimal look, mix with your moisturiser, or apply directly for a stronger glow. It’s made from 100% natural botanicals and even has some rose water and shea butter to leave your skin super hydrated. Also, it works on all skin tones!

Seekology founder Rebecca says: “For simple Summer makeup I am obsessed with the Liquid Bronzer by Kili Beauty. Made from all-natural ingredients and sustainably packaged in recycled glass, just the tiniest of drops of this in my morning moisturiser gives me a healthy glow - in fact every time I wear it somebody tells me I'm looking healthy. Pure magic in a bottle!”

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2. Nail Polish by Handmade Beauty 

Now that it's warm we can finally get our summer wardrobe from the back of the closet and with dresses and sandals back, why not treat yourself to a home mani pedi? Rebecca says: “Summer is definitely a time for a pop of colour. It's hard to choose between all the fantastic nail polish options from Handmade Beauty. From bright tangerine to striking watermelon, there’s something for everyone."


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3. Fruity Fragrance by Olfactive O

On the perfect summer fragrance, Rebecca says: “When it comes to Summer it's often a great time to change up your perfume. Ever since I discovered the niche Fragrance brand Olfactive O I surprised myself in discovering that my favourite is Fruity. Rather than being saccharine, this fragrance is sophisticated and unusual, with top notes of raspberry and strawberry balanced by musk and patchouli to make it the perfect perfume for Summer nights out.”

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Keeping your skin fresh & healthy 

4. Goodness & Tonic Face Mist by Rosalena Bio-Active Skincare

Let's face it, sometimes Summer leaves us a little over-heated, even more so when wearing face coverings. One of our favourites at Seekology, and a big hit at our Oxford Street Pop Up, has been Rosalena's Goodness & Tonic Face Mist. Anti-bacterial properties help prevent "maskne" caused by wearing face masks; it is also 100% natural and free from alcohol (so it won’t dry out your skin), parabens, artificial colourants and fragrances, mineral oil, sulphates, silicones, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

Rebecca, Seekology’s founder says: “For hot summer days, a facial spritz is perfect to help me cool down and feel refreshed. The cleverly named Goodness & Tonic by Rosalena Bio Active Skincare has wonderful ingredients such as Bergamot Oil and Melissa Leaf extract, which purify the skin, balance sebum levels, brighten the skin and have antibacterial properties which control breakouts. And the fresh citrusy fragrance smells amazing!” 


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5. Take Off Touch Down Biodegradable Cleansing Cloths by LBB Skincare 

Spending our days outside and on the go means we now need to take our skincare with us - this is where LBB Skincare comes in. 100% natural and vegan, it is the perfect brand to find all things skincare for on the go. 

One of our favourites is the Take Off Touch Down Biodegradable Cleansing Cloths by LBB Skincare. Perfect for a day out, travelling and festivals (may they soon return). 

Our founder Rebecca loves them because: “when the heat gets too much the facial cleansing cloth is perfect. Take Off Touch Down Cloths by LBB are biodegradable and contain red algae and plant based salicylic acid to promote hydration, brighten the skin and wipe away the day. This pack contains 12 individually wrapped cloths - perfect for popping individual products in my handbag on the go (and hopefully in future on a plane too).”


6. Sugar & Sour Orange Body Scrub by Rabot Beauty

Rebecca loves the Sugar & Sour Orange Body Scrub by Rabot. She says: “Don't neglect the skin on your body - it's probably a while since it's seen some daylight... I've been using the Sugar & Sour Orange Body scrub by Rabot Beauty on these hot Summer days. With a fresh, uplifting smell it's great to get rid of wintery looking skin on my legs!” 


Protecting your skin from the sun

As we know the sun can be our friend and foe. Here are our best products to enable you to get outside whilst reducing your risk of skin cancer. Your best friend in these hot days to protect your skin is of course an SPF.  

7. Enhance & Protect by CJ Skinhealth 

Rebecca’s favourite summer moisturiser is Enhance & Protect by CJ Skinhealth. She says: “it's a great skincare all-rounder, perfect for men & women alike and it absorbs super quickly into the skin. In fact, it's been so popular that it's currently out of stock, but if you'd like to be the first to know when it's back (in a couple of weeks) drop us a note on

8. Body & Sea Sun Lotion SPF 30 by Saltee

For looking after your body we’ve been loving the Saltee Body & Sea Sun Lotion SPF 30. Rebecca says: “it glides smoothly onto the skin, smells fabulous and the SPF30 is plenty for my "English Rose" skin for everyday use.”

Also, all of Saltee's sunscreens are reef friendly, since they're free from some of the nasty ingredients found in many suncare products that damage our coral and marine life.

9. Sebum Balancing Face Oil by Tamaar London

From an anti-aging perspective, after-sun skincare also important, to rebalance the moisture levels in your skin that have been lost due to sun exposure, wind and dryness. Rebecca recommends the Sebum Balancing Face Oil by Tamaar London. She says: “After a day in the sun it's so important to nourish and moisturise the skin and I love to use a facial oil overnight. The Balancing Oil by Tamaar is great for most skin types and is one of our best selling products. Not to mention, it is all natural and still light enough for a warm summer evening.” 


10. SPF Lip Balm by Albus & Flora 

It's surprisingly easy to neglect your lips in the sun, resulting in sunburn and peeling. To protect your lips, one of Rebecca’s favourites has been the SPF30 Lip Balm by Albus & Flora. She says: “for a pop of colour that moisturises and protects your lips whilst making them look fabulous, try the SPF30 Lip Balm by Albus & Flora in Snowberry Red. The colour is buildable and sheer for the daytime and can be built up at night - perfect now we are rediscovering our social lives. See you in the pub!”

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